Volunteer Your Time

Want to help? Sweetwater wouldn't be able to provide the high-quality arts education and cultural programming without the help of our volunteers! There are a wide variety of opportunities available to suit all schedules and skill sets! Volunteers earn $6 per hour toward classes at Sweetwater*.

* Volunteers may apply earned hours to up to 50% of the total cost of any class (i.e., if a class costs $200 and the volunteer has accrued $300 earned hours, the volunteer may only apply $100 to the class. The remaining accrued hours may be carried over to apply to other classes.)

SCA policy requires all volunteers (Ages 18 or older) to have all three background checks completed.

• Clearances that have been obtained in PA within the past 60 months (5 years) are acceptable and considered current.
• Clearances obtained for employment purposes are acceptable for volunteer purposes.

1. ACT 34 Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check
Cost: $00.00

2. ACT 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
Cost: $00.00

3. ACT 114 FBI Criminal Record History Background Check (fingerprint)
Cost: $25.75 (through Department of Human Services)

To complete process, take form and government issued photo ID (valid driver's license) to fingerprint site.
Local UPS store in Moon Plaza, 5900 University Blvd., Moon Township, PA 15108
Hours: Monday-Friday; 11:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

IMPORTANT: Sweetwater does not pay for clearances because they belong to you and can be used to volunteer elsewhere.

• All documents must be completed and submitted to SCA before you can schedule your first volunteer assignment. A copy of all confidential documents will be maintained in binder in the SCA office.




Questions about volunteering? Please contact our office at info@sweetwaterartcenter.org or call 412-741-4405